Genie is a social robot. Genie could interactively communicate
a small talk with family members,
engage, care for families as a home companion.

  • Command the movement
  • Video call between robot side via client APP
  • Face emotion
  • Remote monitoring Real Time
  • Take photos
  • Surf the internet

  • Genie is for families of all types wanting to connect with their home.
  • Working couples over 30 years old with kids a home
  • Seniors over 60 living on their own.
  • Singles in theirs 20’s.
  • When and where to buy genie

  • Online
  • Offline

  • Easy to Setup
    It is easy to set up Genie. First connect Genie to a network and second
    download the Genie app. Then connect Genie to your
    phone then they are all set to go.
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